Véronique Schyns offers services in financial and strategic communications. These services include advice and / or execution in the following areas:

Capital Markets, IPO and M&A Communications

VS Financial and Strategic Communications

To communicate financial results, an investment, IPO or an acquisition requires specific advisory, communication and project management skills. Véronique has a wealth of experience in global financial communications and is an expert in this field.

The preparation for full-year, half-year and quarterly results are significantly high stressful for stock listed companies. Consistent communication and managing expectations is essential. The same is true when public or private companies are preparing for e.g. announcing a strategic investment, divestment, acquisition, sale, reorganisation, rebranding or new leadership. One of the challenges is that facts need to be well supported and explained to convince various stakeholders. Developing the equity story remains a top priority. Another challenge might be that companies or brands lack awareness in new markets, which could complicate a successful outcome of a possible deal. Another challenge in M&A communications is possible leakage of information. It’s not unusual that a well prepared M&A deal is communicated in a completely different setting decided at the last minute. In financial and M&A communications, there are usually many parties involved. It’s important that the communications Lead coordinates all input. 

IPO Communications

When companies consider a listing on Euronext Amsterdam, we have the experience to help with the preparations. We support with advise and assist on e.g. the development of the equity story, website content, Q&As, key messages, press release, training sessions, stakeholder overview, set up (domestic and international) interviews and act as the company's spokesperson on your behalf.     


VS Financial and Strategic Communications

Interview preparation, interview guidance, Q&As, messages and storylines are all important aspects whilst preparing for any contact with the media or other stakeholders. Spokespersonship does not start with the actual delivery of the message to the journalist. Preparations start much earlier.

Whether you need help to pitch a story to one or more journalists, support to answer questions regarding an announcement, or need an expert to represent the company to the public regarding an issue, Véronique has a very strong record as a trusted spokesperson and manages the necessary preparations, that start way before the actual phone call or face to face interview.

She knows the ins and outs of how to effectively deliver the message and stay on message whilst understanding what journalists needs. Véronique manages the process from preparations, such as crafting a press release, Q&A and key messages, until analysing the results in the media. 

Véronique has been a spokesperson since 2000 and has been engaged in interviews with many international and senior level journalists. She has advised CEOs and other executives before and during many interviews. She wrote and coordinated a huge amount of press releases, wrote and rolled out media policies and worked closely with CEOs, CFOs, Investor Relations, Business Development, other top management and global PR agencies. 

Media Relations

VS Financial and Strategic Communications

Working your way through a list of interview requests is not effective, nor is waiting by the phone for the interview you are aiming for. We help companies making the change from communicating reactively to pro-actively. For organisations that are used to only react to the media and other stakeholder enquiries and start to see the benefits of communicating pro-actively, we design a tailored, structured and effective programme. 

Depending on the goal, we design a plan based on your key theme(s), talking head(s) and key stakeholder(s). We also help organisations with a message house and act on behalf of the company as the spokesperson. Our good relations with the right media help to effectively get your message across at the right time. This means amongst others creating opportunities for you because we know their interests and responding swiftly when these journalists need your help. 

Media relations and being a spokesperson is in Véronique's DNA. Her skills and experience are not limited to The Netherlands, but covers international media and includes helping organisations with setting up a (international) press office and acting as the organisation's international spokesperson. 

Corporate Positioning and Board Positioning

VS Financial & Strategic Communications

Reputations are amongst others impacted by the quality of financial results, products and services, employment opportunities, corporate citizenship and communication. What is your desired corporate image and how well does your organisation match this profile? Who are your most important stakeholders and what do they say about your organisation or your industry sector?

Our services include amongst others board room training sessions, individual training sessions, stakeholder overviews and communications plans. For the training sessions, Véronique works together with Peter van de Vegte, an authority in reputation management and executive coaching. 

For CEOs and leaders who understand that building a favourable visible profile is important for the organisation's positioning as a whole, we provide a plan to increase your visibility around your business, such as on roadshows, factory visits, speaker appearances, sponsorships etc. Our successful training sessions will prepare you for challenging appearances and increase your self esteem when engaging with the media, staff and clients and other stakeholders.



Media Management and Message Development Training

If you are a CEO or senior manager and need to engage soon with important stakeholders, our training session might just be what you need. There are many types of media training, however what we offer is media management and message development training, a very effective training which combines media management skills with message house building.

Depending on the goal of the training, the media management part is about the do’s and don’ts when engaged with different types of media, practicing on camera with focus on the presentation. The message house part is about content preparation, crafting messaging and making choices. What is the ultimate takeaway of my interview or press conference? How do I build my story in such a way for effective communication? The beauty of the training is the clever combination throughout the day of media management with message house building. 

VS Financial and Strategic Communications wotks together with Peter van de Vegte

During the training, questions are discussed related to the positioning of the company, its brand(s) and the participant, and also about (potential) issues. These discussions are important to be able to find the correct answer or choose the right wording. The aim is that at the end of the session, the participant has a framework message house ready, with mission and vision statements, key messages and proofpoints. And that he or she has improved skills to effectively manage the next media engagement or presentation.

The training session is suitable for one or two individuals. 

For this training, Véronique works together with Peter van de Vegte, an authority in reputation management and executive

coaching who amongst others has developed a propietary media management and message development programme. This team has been successfully working together for senior management of several international companies for many years.

Issue Communications

VS Financial and Strategic Communications

If organisations publicly communicate about issues or a crisis well, it protects them from further damaging their reputation. The issue or crisis is in itself already damaging. We advise organisations on issue management, being the outside-in communications advisor, crafting messages and scenarios, communications plans etc. and acting as the company's spokesperson.

During her career, Véronique has been effectively advising CEOs and other executives on crisis and issues such as damaged products, fatal accidents, company role in transactions, investments and promotions, legal disputes, fines, pricing issues, bonuses, closure of branches, CSR issues, market share losses, company sale speculations, analyst speculations, management leaving, internet bubble and data leakages.

Content Management

VS Financial and Strategic Communications

As the CEO, is it important to be actively present on social media and how do you manage all the content about your organisation? Content management looks at how all earned, paid and owned communication channels are coordinated, for communication with all the different stakeholder target groups has to be in agreement.

We help you with coordinating all content channels, including advising on planning, how to use which channel in the best way and with which type of content. Whether the content is a corporate video, an editorial piece, your website text, annual report, Linkedin profile, newsletter, infographic, press releases, presentations or social media, we write and edit content for you and post on behalf of your organisation on social media. 
For photography and corporate video production we work together with photographer and creative director Dorina van der Graaff.


Media Monitoring and Analysis

VS Financial and Strategic Communications works with Publistat

To provide your organisation with the necessary insights about what is being said in the media by your organisation, your industry or your stakeholders, by market researchers and consultants, VS Financial and Strategic Communications works closely with Publistat, the biggest provider of media monitoring and analysis in The Netherlands. 

Around 25 trained analysts are on top of the news and provide daily updates and analysis, which is especially important in M&A Communications, IPO Communications and during an issue or crisis. The results of the different types of analysis are used by Véronique for her communication advice to the organisation, or may directly be used by organisations in the communication strategy. Results provide organisations deeper, qualitative insights, beyond the daily overviews.

Véronique has a long-standing, trusted relationship with this partner and highly values their objective media analysis and quality.  




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