Financial and Strategic Communications

Many influences may have an impact on your company’s reputation and share price.

VS Financial and Strategic Communications is founded by
Véronique Schyns. We offer investor relations services in the areas of Capital Markets, IPO, M&A and related strategic communications services. We provide advice, execution of plans, training services to boardrooms and help companies how to communicate effectively with investors, analysts, the international and local media and other critical audiences that influence the investors community.

We help private companies in need for a financial PR programme to communicate consistently their corporate visions, goals, growth strategy, results and achievements to various stakeholders. We also develop and communicate a corporate story that distinguishes your organization from competitors.

Whether the aim is to support international expansion or increase interest from potential business partners or investors, to manage a crisis or communicate an issue, we help your organization to be prepared for significant change by protecting and enhancing its reputation, since your future company value also depends on how strong its reputation is.

Véronique Schyns Financial and Strategic Communications

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