Training might be what you need

Training might be what you need

In Spain they celebrate Semana Santa, or Holy Week, in the week preceding Easter Sunday, and in places like Seville and Jerez de la Frontera preparations start weeks before.Semana Santa is serious business.

When I was in Seville on a beautiful sunny day in the beginning of March, I was enjoying my coffee on the Plaza del Salvador, while behind me I heard bizarre music coming out of a ghettoblaster and when I turned around I saw a group of men slowly moving, their heads underneath a float.

I’ve seen the real thing on TV once, when they carry the image of Virgin Mary surrounded by candles for hours and hours through the streets of Seville, but never knew that they practiced this procession so seriously and weeks in advance.

Dry run Semana Santa in Seville

Looking at how these men were working so hard and knowing they would spent the entire afternoon only moving a few steps at the time, at first I thought it was strange they needed to practice. After all, they are doing this every year. But then I realised, what do I know? If you take an event like Semana Santa serious, you need to practice.

The streets are tiny and packed with people, the float is extremely heavy, candles are lit and Virgin Mary should have the most relaxed ride. Nothing should go wrong during this important Holy Week. Too much is at stake.So, yes, if you care about your reputation, training might be what you need, whether it’s to be successful at a tennis match, a media event or Semana Santa.

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