Interview preparation, interview guidance, Q&As, messages and storylines are all important aspects whilst preparing for any contact with the media or other stakeholders. Spokespersonship does not start with the actual delivery of the message to the journalist. Preparations start much earlier.

Whether you need help to pitch a story to one or more journalists, support to answer questions regarding an announcement, or need an expert to represent the company to the public regarding an issue, Véronique has a very strong record as a trusted spokesperson and manages the necessary preparations, that start way before the actual phone call or face to face interview.

She knows the ins and outs of how to effectively deliver the message and stay on message whilst understanding what journalists need. Véronique manages the process from preparations, such as crafting a press release, Q&A and key messages, until analysing the results in the media.

Véronique has been a company spokesperson since 2000 and has been engaged in interviews with many Dutch, international and senior level journalists.

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