Reaching Investors through Social Media

What do you do if your listed company hardly gets coverage from brokers or in the business press? What are your options if you are about to list on the stock exchange or want to reach investors to raise capital?

It has never been harder to get the right financial media coverage because budgets at editorial teams of credible publications are shrinking. Financial and business media might not be interested in your story, simply because your company might be too small. If you are lucky, you will be mentioned and that’s all.

Social Media

For those companies that have difficulty in reaching brokers, investors and business journalists, social media might be a solution. In addition to press releases, share valuable information about your company – your company story. Chances are that this information will be noted and shared with their network. Providing it is quality content, of course.

Companies need to realize that investors and financial media are embracing social media. Share your company story and engage with your investor base and financial media audience on social media to increase your visibility, the knowledge about your company, the credibility for your goals and strategy and grow your network.

How to post on social media?

In your name and tone of voice – What’s really important is that you only post on social media in your company’s name in your tone of voice. If you want help with posting in your name, let us know. If you can spare the time, invest in creating a network yourself. Repackage content targeted at different social media channels.

What to post on social media?

Valuable information to investors – You can post press releases, quotes, relevant news and opinions, sector reports, video updates, speeches, presentations, interviews, infographics and so much more.

When to post on social media?

Being proactive is key – You can publish as soon as the information has been made public through the official company channels or any time after that, when you see an angle or relevance for it. If you schedule in advance you can make sure the timing and spread is right.

Is this tricky? What about compliance?

No. Only post content that is already in the public domain – As a listed company, you should only post facts on social media that are already in the public domain. Also, you should know what is being said about your company on social media. Especially, because in case of false reporting you want to immediately state the truth. Or, in case of reports about credible market sensitive information based on credible sources, companies need to immediately confirm or respond with the facts. In any case you need to manage the information about your company in such a way to prevent the market from trading with the wrong facts.

Do you need help with your content management strategy, the creation of content, social media profiles and monitoring the media?

Let us know!

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