A new model for Measurement and Evaluation?

“One of the pervasive issues female and male practitioners have told me they deal with is the devaluing of the public relations function”, says Linda Childers Hon, a professor and director of the social advocacy project in the College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida. In her article Working towards an equal relationship, she mentions “professionals acknowledge the complexity of public relations evaluation, although they concede the field has made great progress in establishing meaningful metrics compared to the days of amassing clippings.”

According Childers Hon, amongst others we need to solve the issue of accountability and continue to devote ourselves to increase the stature of the communications function as well as promoting industry-wide standards of effective measurement. I could not agree more.

Jim Macnamara, University of Technology Sydney, said during the International Summit on Measurement (June 2014), “despite progress made over the past seven to eight years, we have still not cracked the measurement and evaluation nut”.

On basis of his handout, the following infographic gives a summary of Jim Macnamara’s new approach and model for PR measurement and evaluation. For more information, read The MAIE Model: A New Model for Public Relations Measurement and Evaluation.

The question is what happens next. What is the opinion of Corporate Communication professionals and providers of media monitoring and analysis?


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