More focus on Social Media Impacts Media Relations Role

If you are a traditional Media Relations professional, re-invent yourself!

MarketingProfs published a survey by Vocus with some interesting outcomes. 76% of surveyed companies will spend either the same or less on traditional media relations in 2011. Only 24% of surveyed companies will spend more on traditional media relations.

Social media top priority

According to mentioned survey, in 2011 the top priority of PR professionals will be – and this is no surprise – social media, followed by strategic communications and measurement.

PR role more important, more challenging: focus less on media relations

If you are currently a Media Relations professional and your role is not already changing, be prepared for a challenge and change in 2011. According to the Vocus survey, in 2011 the PR’s role will be more challenging. The focus on traditional media relations and news releases will shift more towards social media, strategic communications, measurement, search and SEO, video and multimedia and virals. Some of these specialties might be new to media relations professional.

Broaden your PR skills

The good news is that the PR’s role is gaining importance in 2011. Maybe your solution is to already change your title in Public Relations. If you want to benefit from the increasing importance of PR consultants, embrace the challenges ahead now by broadening your PR skills.

Thanks for sharing if and how you are preparing for changes.

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