There are many types of media training. Our training combines learning media management skills with message house building.

Depending on the goal of the training, the media management part is about the do’s and don’ts when engaged with different types of media, practicing on camera with focus on the presentation. The message house part is about content preparation, crafting messaging and making choices. What is the ultimate takeaway of my interview or press conference? How do I build my story in such a way for effective communication? The beauty of the training is the clever combination throughout the day of media management with message house building.

During the training, questions are discussed related to the positioning of company, brand(s) and participant, and also about (potential) issues. These discussions are important to be able to find the correct answer or choose the right wording. The aim is that at the end of the session, the participant has a framework message house ready, with mission and vision statements, key messages and proofpoints. And that he or she has improved skills to effectively manage the next media engagement or presentation.

The training session is suitable for one or two individuals.

Peter van de Vegte

For this training, we work together with Peter van de Vegte, an authority in reputation management and executive coaching, who amongst others has developed a propietary media management and message development programme. The team has been successfully working together for senior management of several international companies for many years.

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