Is having goals really so important to be successful?

There is a reason why I have not written for many months. The reason is that I was so focused on my work that I could not clear my head for anything else. I could not put my mind to it.

Now the summer has begun and it is a beautiful time to think about your goals in business and in life. While you are traveling, lying on the beach, relaxing with a beer, there is nothing better to think about than the moment you are in, enjoying the sun and don’t think about anything. Wrong. I think this is the best time to take a step back and look at your life, what you have and have not achieved and still want to achieve.

I admit that this year it is Wimbledon again that inspired me. Roger Federer was eight years old when he shared with his classmates that he wanted to be the best in the world. Everybody laughed and look what he has achieved and still is achieving. He turns 34 next month and he is playing the best tennis of his life. During Wimbledon I read Open, biography by Andre Agassi, for the second time. Andre Agassi was a great tennis player and number one in the world many times. He let others decide his goal for him though and he was unhappy. His tennis career is a major inspiration for me. There were so many ups and downs for Agassi but he figured it out. It was only until he decided that his goal was to play the best tennis for the Academy, a school he founded, that winning his tennis matches served a purpose and he could be happy. It was then that he found the love of his life, Steffi Graf. A beautiful story.

Each summer there is Wimbledon and this year, I watched the matches of the great athletes even closer and listened to interviews and commentary and all this listening to other people’s goals and achievements made me wonder if I still chase my goals, or that I might need new ones. Serena Williams was reluctant to share with the media what motivated her to win Wimbledon again this year. The media decided that Serena William’s motivation and reason for her comeback must be to hunt for more Slams than Steffi Graf.

I am using this summer to think about what exactly it is that I want to achieve and how my passion for financial communications and helping Spanish businesses be better communicators fit in. I also want to find an answer to how I can turn my deeply rooted love and understanding for the professional tennis sport into an advantage for others. The better I know what I want and belief in it, the more convincing I can talk to others about it. This in turn will help me to be successful in reaching my goals.

In our search for happiness and excellence it can get lonely out there. Your partner or friends might not understand your thoughts or just don’t have the time to listen to you. For the world’s top tennis players it is a must to have a supporting team around them to stay on track to achieve their goals. Coaches are part of their teams. Why would not this work for others as well?

Years ago, when my manager at the time advised me that a coach might be good for me, I first thought it was a sign of weakness, that something must be wrong with me. When I was at a different employer I understood the concept of a coach so much better and immediately hired one. I wish I had understood this better when I was a young tennis player. I might have achieved more, although, in my case, it was financially impossible to even dream of a professional career in tennis and in addition, I should have been born in a country with professional tennis facilities, like Switzerland or the U.S.A.

Coaches in the corporate world come and go since they are mostly paid for by employers, but why not invest in somebody yourself, someone that stays with you throughout your life? You might start your own business and before you know it, you are so absorbed that a couple of years pass in a flash without reviewing where you are and if this is really what you want or need.

Occasionally I hear a friend saying that some day in the future she wants to quite her current work in PR and open a bar and another friend is saving money for when she moves back to her home town and start a farm. Most people I know though don’t talk about their goals. Maybe it’s a private subject. Maybe they don’t have them or they want to be perceived very relaxed and that they just want to have enough money to live their lives in a pretty nice way. There is nothing wrong with that, but, some of us need to talk about their goals and hear others talk about theirs, to be inspired, to stay hungry, to reach their potential, to be better or, and this is true for me, to be the best we can.

For my website, my goal is to write 4 posts per month. I’m inspired and committed to reach a higher goal, which is to draw attention to my website, to my business. It’s not about the quantity, it’s about the quality of my website and my posts. I therefore encourage you to continue to give me feedback and thank you for taking the time to visit my website and read some of my posts.

Have a great summer and good luck with your goals.

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