How to Stand Out in Financial Communications – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of How to Stand Out in Financial Communications. In Part 1 I talked about the opportunity I see for financial services to stand out. Let’s continue that conversation.

In addition to the challenges for financial services that I mentioned before, I would like to add two more:

Firstly, it has never been harder to get favourable coverage in financial media and secondly, the disruptive newcomers in financial services completely have changed the competitive landscape.

So there are challenges enough.

I’m convinced that those organisations will stand out that offer content that makes an emotional connection, that touches human beings.

And organisations need to be omnipresent, at all the platforms where its stakeholders are talking about them. Speaking with one voice on all platforms.

On social channels, organisations need to show real people. CEOs and CFOs in particular, are more and more expected to show a human face, to be humble, vulnerable sometimes, to be authentic, a real person.

Is this easy? No it is not. It’s hard work.

It requires different communication: being up to date with current and new social media channels, stay engaged 24/7, use images, video and audio much more in the communication mix and provide unique relevant easy shareable content, preferably live content, that provides insights about what it is that the organisation stands for, what its added value is.

What are your organisations unique corporate values and which stories bring these values to live?

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