How do Financial Services Stand Out in Communications – Part 1

Financial institutions and individuals working in financial services have a great opportunity to stand out and reach their critical stakeholders. Today, organisations need to do much more or different things to stand out.

Watch this video why this is and where I’m going with this or continue to read below the video.

What has changed that makes that the Financial Services Industry needs to work harder to reach their critical stakeholders?

Amongst others, because today, there are multiple platforms out there on which critical stakeholders have the opportunity to share their opinions about your brands, your organisation or line of business and engage with others that feel the same. Pressure groups can easily organise a strong voice against climate finance projects such as long term infrastructure or energy projects, in which global financial institutions have invested.

The pressure on financial institutions remains to change their cultures, to regain trust, to give consumers more information about products, services and the risks involved. Commercial and shareholder interests are not balanced well enough against consumer interests.

Social Media

Social media have changed the way and the pace stakeholders communicate about organisations, which in turn impacts, not only how consumer brands communicate, but also how organisations should communicate back, on a corporate level.  Social media are quick, interactive, engaging and emotional and organisations need to adapt their language, content and formats to be successful on these channels.

We are increasingly using social media to interact with others, in our private but now also in our business lives and we are increasingly using social media outside business hours, on our smart phones.

If you want to stand out as a financial institution, what are your options?

I will continue this conversation in Part 2.

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