Great Brand PR for the Rijksmuseum

Today will be remembered. President Obama of the United States visited the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. He is the first ever serving US President visiting the museum.
The museum’s Director Wim Pijbes created a photo opportunity for him together with the President in front of Rembrandt’s “The Night Watch”. This photo will not only be for Wim’s private collection, but will be used for commercial purposes by the Rijksmuseum to attract more US tourists. Photos are powerful, see also my blog “Does one photo say more than a thousand words”. Wim did the right thing to create this photo opportunity for the Rijksmuseum.
“I’m proud to be here with some of the Dutch masters I studied in school,” Obama said. “This is easily the most impressive backdrop I’ve had for a press conference.” Wim Pijbes will not ever hear a greater compliment.
Obama’s remark also confirms the importance of the choice of a unique location and backdrop for a press conference. Instead of year in year out using your in-house meeting room for a press conference, spend some time thinking about a new location that connects with your brand and that journalists, photographers and cameramen might be more excited about.

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