Reputations are amongst others impacted by the quality of financial results, products and services, employment opportunities, corporate citizenship and communication. What is your vision, mission, purpose? What is your desired corporate image and how well does your organisation match this profile? Who are your most important stakeholders and what do they say about your organisation or your industry sector?

Our services include amongst others board room sessions, stakeholder analysis and communications plans. For the boardroom sessions, Véronique works together with Peter van de Vegte, an authority in reputation management and executive coaching.

For CEOs and leaders who understand that building a favourable visible profile is important for the organisation’s positioning as a whole, we provide a plan to increase awareness of your business.

Our successful training sessions will not only help you with the messaging. You will also be prepared for challenging public appearances. The training will boost your self esteem when engaging with the media, staff, clients and other stakeholders.

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