Capital Markets, IPO and M&A

To communicate financial results, an investment, IPO or an acquisition requires specific advisory, communication and project management skills. Véronique has a wealth of experience in global … Read more


Interview preparation, interview guidance, Q&As, messages and storylines are all important aspects whilst preparing for any contact with the media or other stakeholders. Spokespersonship does not … Read more

Media Relations

Working your way through a list of interview requests is not effective, nor is waiting by the phone for the interview you are aiming for. We … Read more


Reputations are amongst others impacted by the quality of financial results, products and services, employment opportunities, corporate citizenship and communication. What is your vision, mission, purpose? … Read more


There are many types of media training. Our training combines learning media management skills with message house building. Depending on the goal of the training, the … Read more

Issues & Crisis

If organisations publicly communicate about issues or a crisis well, it protects them from further damaging their reputation. The issue or crisis is in itself already … Read more

Content Management

Content management looks at how all earned, paid and owned communication channels are coordinated, for communication with all the different stakeholder target groups has to be … Read more

Media Monitoring and Analysis

To provide your organisation with the necessary insights about what is being said in the media by your organisation, your industry or your stakeholders, by market … Read more

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