The essence of a good speech

Jon Favreau makes speech-writing sound really easy. I had the pleasure of hearing him talk at a seminar two years ago. While I continue to learn … Read more

Remember, this is an interview

“When are you going to ask it?”, the public relations professional asked the journalist during an interview with the CEO. According to American journalist Call Fussman, … Read more

Off the record does not exist

Uber’s Emil Michael’s case is a textbook example that off the record does not exist. Complaining afterwards that you thought a conversation was off the record … Read more

The Power of Brand Authenticity

According to BloombergBusinessweek, American fast-food chain Arby’s forgot to feature Pepsi in a commercial according to their agreement with Pepsi, so the company asked its advertising agency … Read more

Q&A about Crisis Communications

Are stakeholders assets or liabilities in a crisis? In an interview about crisis communications with Professor W. Timothy Coombs, of the University of Florida, answers are … Read more

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