Remember, this is an interview

“When are you going to ask it?”, the public relations professional asked the journalist during an interview with the CEO. According to American journalist Call Fussman, … Read more

Q&A about Crisis Communications

Are stakeholders assets or liabilities in a crisis? In an interview about crisis communications with Professor W. Timothy Coombs, of the University of Florida, answers are … Read more

PR-Tips for Debut Novelists

PR-Tips for Debut Novelists. PR has played an important role following the publication of the Dutch debut novel Opening Night of Yolande Schyns.

10 Tips How To Set-Up a Basic PR Function

Some small to medium sized companies are too small to hire a PR professional however they recognize they need to have the basic structure of a PR function in place. They might see an issue coming up and are not prepared how to manage the media and at the same time they realize they need positive company exposure to let potential clients know they exist and what they stand for. If you are looking for the basics to set up a PR function within your company, my 10 tips might help you get started.

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