Capital Markets, IPO and M&A

To communicate financial results, an investment, IPO or an acquisition requires specific advisory, communication and project management skills. Véronique has a wealth of experience in global financial communications and is an expert in this field.

The preparation for full-year, half-year and quarterly results are particularly high stressful stock listed companies. Consistent communication and managing expectations is essential. The same is true when public or private companies are preparing for e.g. announcing a strategic investment, divestment, acquisition, sale, reorganisation, rebranding or new leadership.

There are many challenges: the equity story needs to be well supported and explained to convince various stakeholders and companies or brands might lack awareness in new markets, which could complicate a successful outcome of a possible deal. Another challenge in M&A communications is possible leakage of information. It’s not unusual that a well prepared M&A deal is communicated in a completely different setting decided at the last minute. In financial communications there are usually many parties involved. It’s important that the Communications Lead coordinates all input. We are here to help you.

IPO Communications

When companies consider a listing on Euronext Amsterdam, we have the experience to help with the preparations. We support with advise and assist on e.g. the development of the equity story, website content, Q&As, key messages, press release, training sessions, stakeholder overview, set up (domestic and international) interviews and act as the company’s spokesperson on your behalf.

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